Categorizing a Terabyte of images has one reflecting on events of the past. Also gone:  The 96th Street Heads. Formerly entitled Zero Lotline, it is just that, as is most of Manhattan. At some time in the past a sister building would have been attached and the two shared these heads (there's one on the other side covered by scaffolding). Rainwater from the roof would have fallen three stories into the heads which then directed it to storm sewers below. In developing the adjacent site for a new highrise, the head was sawn in half. Tied up in a zoning battle, there they sat for years. After 7 years of pursuing various posted numbered companies and stop-work orders in an attempt to obtain the heads during demolition, alas, during a vacation in the summer of 2012, came their demise.

Company Name of the Week:
Yesterday's Meals on Wheels (septic pumping company, Port Perry, ON)

Word of the Week:
Bombast (speech too pompous for the occasion; to inflate one's speech)


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